Friday, January 31, 2014

Chevrolet 2014

Form and function thoughtfully converge in the 2014 Impala designs. The exterior is characterized by smooth, flowing contours that are as visually stunning as they are aerodynamic. Poised on standard 20-inch wheels, the stance of the 2014 Impala is both aggressive and confident, a reflection of the power, efficiency and comfort drivers will enjoy when they take the wheel.

The 2014 Impala is like a scarred and once proud prizefighter who has been down on his luck but now reenters the ring eye a big comeback, and it’s Chevy’s newest attraction. This 10th generation edition of the bow tie brand’s most enduring nameplate is born with effective fixes for its eight year old predecessor’s terminal character flaws. The new Impala’s mission is to rouse the snoozing large car segment with its combination of envy-me exterior styling, modern underpinnings, and contemporary furnishings while honoring Chevy’s traditional value equation.

Chrysler 2014

The 2014 Chrysler 300 is a full-size sedan available in six primary trim levels: 300, 300S, 300C, 300C John Varvatos Luxury Edition, SRT8 Core and SRT8, Another Chrysler 300 calling card is its slinky styling, which is great for turning heads unless it's your own head when you're trying to see what's behind you. Thanks to the high belt line and small windows, rear visibility is less than ideal. Fortunately, a rear view camera comes standard on all but the base model, ensuring that maneuvers in reverse, at least, won't require too much guesswork. As for visibility at speed, the 300's powerful engines tend to keep your focus on the road ahead, provided the car at six o'clock doesn't have flashing lights on top.

With the recent influx of appealing compact cars, it's natural to question the relevance of the full-size 2014 Chrysler 300 sedan. But then you drive one, and you realize the 300 is a rolling refresher course in everything that makes American cars great. Large and in charge, with a robust roster of V6 and V8 engines to choose from, the 300 commands the road like a classic highway cruiser. At the same time, the luxurious, high-tech cabin makes the 300 an attractive alternative to a wide range of premium sedans.

Every 2014 Chrysler 300 comes with anti lock brakes, traction and stability control, front side airbags, side curtain airbags, a driver knee airbag and active front head restraints. A rear view camera is standard on all but the base 300. The Safety Tech package adds a blind spot warning system, a rear cross traffic warning system and a forward collision warning system.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cadillac 2014

Cadillac 2014 was a singular icon of global automotive luxury, the ultimate status aspiration for American drivers, and the pinnacle of Detroit's golden age, "The Standard Of The World." Through Caddy, General Motors enacted innumerable innovations, from electric starting to the luxury SUV to, most recently magnetorheological suspension, a technology that ultimately made its way onto cars like the Ferrari 458 and Audi R8. The Cadillac Eldorado and Deville, with their long lines and occasionally outrageous tailfins, defined American excess during the boom years. But times have changed, and Cadillac is trying to keep pace.

The 2014 CTS Coupe displays an impressive balance of performance and styling. A truly dramatic presence can be seen in both its deeply sculpted lines and highly responsive 318 HP 3.6L direct injection engine. As smart as it is stunning, the CTS Coupe features amenities like Adaptive Remote Start, keyless access and available Side Blind Zone Alert.1 The available Touring Package elevates the CTS beyond its already extraordinary character. Standard performance engineering includes a Limited Slip Differential, which enables excellent high-speed stability with comfortable low-speed maneuverability.

Cadillac went to great lengths to quiet the cabin, including using Bose Active Noise Cancellation. It actively monitors power train noise and sends out opposing non-audible frequencies through the speakers to help reduce these sounds, With an exceptionally low curb weight, near 50/50 weight balance from front-to-back and a low center of gravity, every gram of this performance-tuned machine is engineered to exhilarate.

Buggati 2014

Bugatti is watching shaving virtually 550 pounds off of the Veyron Super Sport’s body whereas developing the Bugatti Super Veyron. we have a tendency to conjointly expect Bugatti to bore out its existing eight.0-liter W-16 engine to a nine.6-liter displacement, which can facilitate bump the Bugatti Super Veyron’s output to 1,600 HP. These further ponies can internet the most recent Veyron a one.8-second 0-to-60 mph time and a prime speed that’s expected to succeed in 288 mph.

Interior design will be found on this car will look very luxurious and elegant, besides the exterior design of this car will look very sporty and aggressive. It is often given by Bugatti to the their variants. Should the Super Veyron live up to the growing hype it’s been generating, a lot of people could end up forgetting that the Galibier even exists. At least until Bugatti decides to release that model. In addition to increasing horsepower of the new range topping super car, Bugatti will likely dramatically decrease its overall weight by stripping about 200kg from the 1888kg kerb weight of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. To achieve these weight savings, carbon fiber will be used extensively.

Bentley 2014

And not simply because of the incredible speeds it can reach. Designed for those who demand unrestrained luxury alongside uncompromising performance, it delivers the ultimate motoring experience, for driver and passengers alike, Bentley claims the 2014 Flying Spur’s front and rear air springs are 10 and 13 percent softer, respectively, than its predecessor’s. It goes on to say the new model’s front and rear anti roll bars are 13 and 15 percent less starchy. And bushings throughout the suspension are described as anywhere from 25 to 38 percent more flocculent than the outgoing cars.

The 2014 Bentley Flying Spur is a golden ticket into an entirely different plane of luxury. Even if you're accustomed to $100,000 luxosedans, the Spur's swank accoutrements and sybaritic surroundings seem a world away. It's one of the finest vehicles made, when measured by the amount of hand-stitched leather and hand-planed wood applied to its cozy cabin. Drive one, and you've arrived.

The Flying Spur has been a Continental for most of its life, but there's a slight change for the new model and the new model year. Bentley's sold some 20,000 Flying Spurs since 2005, all with that Continental first name. Now, Bentley feels the Flying Spur needs to expand its reach, move out on its own. Hence the slight name change there's no more Continental prefix in its name and a stronger emphasis on a more emphatic look, as well as a suite of infotainment and power train enhancements to match its subtle changes in style.

Friday, January 17, 2014

BMW 2014

For 2014, BMW follows Audi’s lead and adds a touch pad so you can finger write a phone number, contact name, or your destination, one letter at a time. There’s also voice input. The BMW touch pad is the top of the console-mounted iDrive control wheel while Audi’s is adjacent. BMW locates four function buttons just in front of the control wheel: media (music player, CD) and radio on the left, phone and navi on the right, with a menu button in between. The button pairs form a V. Without taking your eyes off the road, you can feel which is the front and which is the rear button. The control wheel itself is rubberized for better grip. Overall, BMW is ahead.

BMW pioneered the cockpit controller a decade ago. Slide the controller left, right, up, down to start your selection, turn the wheel to fine-tune it, and press down to execute. BMW iDrive may be the best way to control all your music, navigation, and phone options as long as you read the freaking manual, then practice. Got that, J.D. Power and Consumer Reports survey respondents? It has become clearer that capacitive touchscreen interfaces have issues on road surfaces bumpier than what you encounter sitting still in the dealer showroom. Lincoln and Ford (MyFord Touch) are backing away from touch; Cadillac (CUE) needs to.

The BMW 3 Series defined sporty sedan performance for three decades. Now the compact Bimmer is also a flag bearer for driver assistance technology and engine efficiency. we can have the 3 Series with a gas engine, turbo diesel, or hybrid.

Aston Martin 2014

100 years of producing the most beautiful and desirable cars in the world, Aston Martin 2014 has been considered one of the global standards of luxury automotive cool. Though definitely a boutique brand in every way, it's still considered a global benchmark for beautiful car designs in 2014. Founded in London in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford.

Audi 2014

The Audi A4 and its sportier S4 variant are back for the 2014 model year with just a handful of small changes. Audi's penchant for continue refinement and ability to find and inhabit a niche makes that just fine, however; the A4 family stands apart from the American and German alternatives alike, appealing in its own, sophisticated way, 2014 Audi SQ5 Starting at $51,900, 2014 Audi RS 5 Starting at $69,600, 2014 Audi TT Starting at $39,900, 2014 Audi S8 Starting at $112,500, 2014 Audi all road Starting at $40,700, 2014 Audi R8 Starting at $114,900, 2014 Audi S7 Starting at $80,200, 2014 Audi TTS Starting at $48,700, 2014 Audi A8 Starting at $135,900, and Much More Type an price from Audi in 2014.

The 2014 Audi Q5 is powered by a turbocharged four cylinder engine that most critics agree provides plenty of power. An eight speed automatic transmission is standard, and reviewers say it shifts quickly and smoothly. A supercharged V6 is optional, and automotive critics think that it provides strong acceleration. A TDI model is new for 2014, and features a turbo diesel V6 engine that reviewers say is powerful and refined. The 2014 Q5 gets an EPA estimated 20/28 mpg city/highway, which is good for a luxury compact SUV, while the Q5 TDI gets 24/31 mpg city/highway. Most test drivers say the 2014 Q5 is fun to drive, with agile handling, accurate steering and a smooth, comfortable ride. The Audi Q5 has standard all wheel drive and reviewers say it gives the SUV excellent traction.

Alfa Romeo 2014

Alfa Romeo made a quiet exit from the U.S. nearly 20 years ago. Despite some iconic roadsters and a sporty sedan, Alfas were reliably unreliable and weren't especially cheap to buy in the first place. The Italian automaker, owned by Fiat, will try its hand at the U.S. market again, this time with the 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C, A light body over front double wishbones and a rear strut suspension promises exceptional handling, and the 4C offers two staggered tire packages: either 17-inch tires up front with 18s in back, or 18s in front and 19s in back. A Brembo brake package will also be available, in addition to a race package with more aggressive tires and suspension settings.


The Italians somehow extract 173kW from a 1.7-litre turbo four-cylinder engine. VW wrings 162kW from the GTI's 2.0 turbo. Most mod-cons are covered in the Giulietta but Alfa makes satnav a plug-in option that sits atop the dash (it's standard on the new Golf GTI and Focus ST), and there is no factory-fitted rear view camera. Wireless Bluetooth phone connectivity is standard but Bluetooth audio is not; the device has to connect via a USB port.


The interior is roomy and functional, though not as beautiful as the exterior. Seat trim is a stylishly textured yet hard-wearing material. The air vents are a little small for quickly cooling the cabin on hot days and a digital speed display would be a welcome addition in the screen next to the analog speedometer, especially given the wide speed needle covers about 5km/h worth of increments. The boot is roomier than the Giulietta's sleek proportions suggest (350L; the Golf's is 380L) and there is good headroom front and rear.


Six airbags and a five star Euro NCAP safety rating will protect you if the worst happens. A well sorted chassis and suspension tune, good brakes and plenty of  grip will hopefully prevent that. Rear parking sensors are standard but a rear camera would be welcome. They're fast becoming standard on most new cars these days and its absence was noticeable.